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Your carpets have the toughest job in the household; they get walked on, spilled on, rolled on and worn down in a short time. So why not give them a new lease of life with our professional carpet cleaning services?

Clean For Less Limited will restore your carpet's lifespan, aesthetic appearance, fibre qualities and colour for a price affordable to you.

Included in our carpet cleaning services:

  • Thorough inspection of your carpet's fibres and fabric in order to choose the proper cleaning materials to mach your carpet requirements to the fullest.
  • Examination of any stains and spots and choosing the best detergents to provide safe and complete stain removal.
  • Stain removal is the phase where we get rid of any spillages, stubborn spots and differences in colour on your carpet. CFL Cleaning uses allergy-free and eco-friendly products to ensure full stain removal and safe environment.
  • Professional steam cleaning. This is the main stage which provides you with deep cleaned and sanitized carpet. A powerful steam cleaning machine extracts the dirt, oil and unpleasant odours your carpet has collected with time and leaves it refreshed and as good as new.

All you are left with is a hygienically fresh carpet and safer home environment for you and your family. No stains, pet odours or harmful germs!

We advice our customers to vacuum their carpets prior to our arrival. This would speed the carpet cleaning process sufficiently as no food or particles would be stuck within the fibres. CFL London also kindly asks you to remove as much furniture as possible off the carpet area which would be cleaned.

Extras we provide:

  • Pre-spraying. In cases when your carpet is extremely dirty and worn-off we offer you spraying prior to the main extraction process. This is done with suitable for its fabric chemical solution. Our special detergent dampens and dissolves any oil or grease trapped in the fibres and enhances efficiency of the dirt extraction process. Charge: £10.00 per room.
  • Protection spraying. We spray a suitable for your carpet chemical solution which acts as a shield to your carpet fibres and enables easy mopping or vacuuming in case of spillage or water based stains. Charge: £10.00 per room
  • We could also offer you sanitize spraying of your carpet for long-lasting pleasant fragrance and extended antibacterial effect.
Carpet Cleaning Before and After

Why choose our carpet cleaning service:

  • We operate with the latest carpet cleaning equipment.
  • We serve all London areas, so there is no problem for us to reach you.
  • Our detergents are allergy-free, pet-safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Our cleaning teams are handpicked, thoroughly trained and reliable. CBR checked and with great attention to their duties.
  • CFL Cleaning provides affordable rates and 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We tailor our cleaning services to match every client's needs and guarantee supreme cleaning for every surface in your home.

Our tips on low-cost efficient carpet maintenance:

Almost every carpet manufacturer recommends professional carpet cleaning at least every 18 months depending on your home environment. However, if you have particular allergies, pets or smokers in your home twice a year professional cleaning is highly advised.

If you demand high standard cleaning, why wait another day? Call Clean For Less Limited on (02)037466660 and get a free quote now!

Upholstery Cleaning:

upholstery cleaning london
Only in April
Upholstery - 50% OFF!

We understand that upholstery is an expensive investment and you want them to look as beautiful and new as possible. However, similar to carpets, your upholstery is within constant use that often results in its quick worn-out and shortened lifespan. With time your upholstered furniture loses colour, preserves odours and creates a bad appearance to your room's interiors. And if that is not bad news, it also is a breeding ground for numerous germs and bacteria.

CFL Cleaning London provides highest quality upholstery cleaning and ensures your carpet is clean, presentable and germ-free place to sit and relax.

What do we clean:

  • Sofas, armchairs and most upholstered furniture
  • Leather sofas and furniture

Why could you trust us with this:

  • Your upholstery would be in careful and professional hands. Our products and machinery are fitted to cleanse some of the finest fibres.
  • Products we use are non-toxic and would not harm your children and pets.
  • We guarantee to deep clean your furniture, drawing out all germs and extracting all sticky dirt attracting residues.
  • CFL Cleaning will ensure to not only deep clean but also prolong the life of your upholstery, so you would not need to replace it frequently.
  • Our service is a long-time investment in your home interior maintenance on a reasonable and affordable prices.

Whether a professional carpet cleaning or a supreme upholstery cleansing, our helpful representatives are on your disposal by phone or email; ready to answer any enquiries and assist you with the bookings. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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